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Driving Fundamentals

EDUCATION OVERVIEW: Back in the day, the main reason why Karen and I got into horses was trail riding (that wonderful weekend ride). A very fun and purposeful activity to do with your horse, but only if you are prepared. We very quickly realized we were not prepared.

Unfortunately for the horse and human, I believe the driving world is much the same. Heading directly to the purpose with very little preparation, usually, resulting in poor outcomes for both. Driving horses is more dangerous than riding because of the additional vehicle, and humans. There is pressure from environment, people, harness and vehicles to name a few. In this clinic, we will start to prepare ourselves and our horses for these multitudes of pressures.

FORMAT: Multi- level clinic Instruction will be individualized for each student and their horse, rotating through the group throughout the day. This style allows each student to observe, feel, rest and observe their fellow participants.

  • Zone 5 driving or long line driving the five elements of:
                       Friendly game
                       Hind quarter yield
                       Fore quarter yield
                      Sideways on the circle
                      One rein start

  • Harness Prep For The Horse:
                        Feeling free while wearing harness (friendly game)
                        Understanding pressure from chest strap and britchen

  • Harness Prep For The Human:
                        Understand the parts and their function
                        Realize how important this is!

  • Vehicle Prep For The Horse:
                        Gain confidence with sight, sound and feel of vehicle in all areas of their body                     Yielding from shaft pressure

  • Vehicle Prep For The Human
                        Realize how important this is!